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DEMATEL, which is one of the decision-making methods on the basis of pairwise comparisons, is obtained by taking advantage of experts’ judgment in extracting factors of a system and giving a systematic structure to them through application of principles of graphs and hierarchical structure theories from factors in the system accompanied by mutual effect and impact of above-mentioned elements so that it determines intensity of the effect of above-mentioned relationships and their importance as a numerical score. With regard to the complexities in humans’ judgments, fuzzy DEMATEL can consider and evaluate these relationships through a fuzzy logic.

Features of fuzzy DEMATEL online software:

  1. Good price
  2. Capability of giving a report in the HTML form: fuzzy DEMATEL software provides researchers with results of solving the defined project accompanied by all stages of fuzzy DEMATEL technique, formulas, interpretation of tables, and diagrams of ranking alternatives in the form of HTML file.
  3. No limitation in number of criteria and experts.
  4. Possibility of entering data from excel: researchers can enter a considerable volume of their data from an excel file. 
  5. Presentation of degree of importance and also degree of effect and impact of alternatives or criteria.
  6. Possibility of using default fuzzy scales or defining new scale.
  7. Possibility of using demo version (free and with limitation).

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