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Fuzzy Analytic network process (fuzzy ANP) is one of the techniques of multi-criteria decision-making in a fuzzy environment, in which the best alternatives can be selected or the weight of criteria can be determined according to pairwise comparisons and relationships between criteria. This technique applies when there is an internal relationship between criteria or alternatives.

Features of online fuzzy ANP software:

  1. Good price
  2. Receiving HTML classified output: fuzzy ANP software provides researchers with all stages of fuzzy ANP technique accompanied by decision tree, related tables, formulas, and diagrams in the form of HTML.
  3. No limitation in number of alternatives, criteria, and experts.
  4. Possibility of drawing network diagram as a graphic and simple diagram.
  5. Possibility of separate entrance of pairwise comparisons of each expert.
  6. Possibility of using default fuzzy scales or defining new scale.
  7. Calculating rate of incompatibility (Gogous and Boucher) for each pairwise comparison table before receiving output.
  8. Possibility of using demo version (free and with limitation).

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