Fuzzy TOPSIS Online software

Fuzzy TOPSIS is one of the most widely used multi-indices techniques that selects the best alternatives among alternatives with regard to different criteria in a fuzzy environment.

Features of fuzzy TOPSIS online software:

  1. Good Price
  2. Classified HTML output: fuzzy TOPSIS software provides researchers with all stages of fuzzy TOPSIS technique, formulas, interpretation of tables, and diagrams of ranking in the form of HTML.
  3. No limitation in number of alternatives, criteria, and experts.
  4. Possibility of entering data from excel: researchers can copy a considerable volume of their data from excel and paste them in the fuzzy TOPSIS software
  5. Prioritization of m-alternatives according to n-criteria via expert’s k- opinions. You can enter each expert’s opinion into the software separately.
  6. Prioritization of  m-alternatives according to expert’s k-opinion: if you rank the alternatives with no criteria and just by the experts’ opinion, the software provides you with this capability.
  7. Possibility of using default fuzzy scales or defining new scale.
  8. Possibility of fuzzy or crisp determination of the weight of criteria.
  9. Possibility of using demo version (free and with limitation).

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1 star This Package contains 1 fuzzy topsis 8.49 €
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