Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  1. Is the history of software implementation left for me?
    Yes. The issues proposed and their results are always available in your personal profile.
  2. Is it possible to order new software?
    Yes. Programming and planning team of the site is ready to receive your orders.
  3. The data volume of my issue is big. What can I do?
    It is possible to direct copy in software. So, An excel file has been designed to take less time from the researcher in the big problems.
  4. The option “Next” is disabled at the end of the data entry process?
    Mark the “Agree” and enter Captha numbers.
  5. Does demo version of software have any restriction?
    Yes. Demo software is limited in the number of options and criteria.
  6. How can I test software?
    You can sign up for free on the site without paying any fee to use demo version.
  7. Does the software can be used only one time for each payment?
    Yes. If your purchased package contains only one software, then you can only take one output from it. But, if you need to use software several times, then with buying a package, you can reuse this software and also benefit from discounts.
  8. Is it possible to install software on personal system?
    No. The software is based on web and operates online.
  9. Do we have to use software at the same time when we purchase it?
    No. the number of software purchased by you is remained in your shopping cart. You can use it any time you wish.
  10. When does application fee is deducted from my account?
    After purchasing the software, no cost is reduced from your account as long as you have not taken output from it. One number is reduced after taking output from the number of software that you have been allowed to run